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From your idea and/or need, SIFEC takes in charge from the conception to the realisation of your special machine or industrial product prototype.

Study, manufacturing following and settings of 2 modules to be inserted in the windscreen wiper’s packaging line. Those modules sort and insert plastics’ hook in boxes where windscreen are packed.
This realisation has been done for the company IRA that assumed the production but the final customer was Federal Mogul.

Feasibility study, physical parameters calculation, study, drawing and set-up of the cooling tank for gas sample.
The customer’s demand was to discriminate, inside an atmosphere sample, components having similar masses. The measure had to be done by mass spectrometry.
The solution was to cool down a gas sample to 14K (-159,15°C) in order to fix most of the components. Then going slowly back up to analyse bit by bit components that became volatile again. Thus increasing the spectrometry measure range.
This realisation has been done for the company VACOTEC that assumed the production but the final customer was the IRMM. (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurement) (Joint Research Centrer Belgium)

Study and realisation of a device allowing in one axis to lengthen the measure range of a three-dimensional measuring arm “FARO”.
The customer demand was to keep its initial measure reference.
The manufactured solution is a two fixations positions bench of the arm perfectly coplanar, which carry between the two fixations a three-dimensional reference accessible by the arm’s sensor from both fixations position.

Study, realisation and manufacturing following of a clamping tool for the rocket assembly of he Forges de Zeebrugges.