Engineering office

The tailor-made solution to your technical problems


SIFEC is a pluridisciplinary and multisectorial study and conception office. Our company focuses on the study and the realisation of special machine, tooling or instrument following the customer need in a large number of industrial or research fields

Our certifications ISO 9001 & 13485, joint to the experience acquired in fine mechanics, vacuum techniques, use of cryogenics fluid, optic, structures calculation, etc, permit to analyse a wide range of problematic situations and to propose innovative solution to satisfy your specifics needs.

SIFEC’s intervention possibilities go from the feasibility study to the machine realisation, including settings and production line integration.
We can of course take in charge the writing of the book of specifications, the conception, the fabrication’s folder elaboration and/or the support to your R&D department.

Our main customers are active in the aeronautical as in the pharmaco-medical fields. It seams that those fields are strongly out of the way. Meanwhile, implemented techniques as approach rigor are similar.

Certifications in effect in those fields impose traceabilities’ obligations and follow up on conceptions that are similar. Thus, those domains offer us a perfect synergy.