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SIFEC do one’s part for the design and the realisation of ground supply, as well in the launchers field as for satellites.
In the satellites fields, SIFEC has notably studied some optical alignment method in an astrometrical satellite project.

Study and settings of test benches for ergol valves of cryogenic engines of Ariane 5.
The benches realisation has been confide to a third party company.
Those benches are destined to qualify and certify ergols valves as in reproducibility and movement speed as in gastightness

Study and realisation of a cabling tooling in warm redundancy of the electrovalves bench for the “Vinci” engine.
The cabling procedure elaboration was part of the project confided to SIFEC.
The tooling is equipped with an electronic undeceiver to avoid any mistake during the connector cabling.

Study, design, fonctionnal and structure calculations of the bleeding connector “New concept”.
This service was done for Techspace Aero in outsourcing to SNECMA Vernon.

In this project of FCV (Flow Control Valve), it was a matter of some advice and expertise services. SIFEC acted at diverse levels, from the design to the testing, passing through industrialisation problems and pollution control line following.